Appreciation and respect for the terroir and for the traditions form the basis of the Condé philosophy. The desire to honour this natural and historical heritage saw the decision to plant mostly Sangiovese grapes on the estate which were native to the Predappio hills,  its chosen territory for centuries, flanked to a lesser extent by Merlot.

The production philosophy is expressed through the constant quest for excellence. This vision involves an ongoing dialogue between man and nature. Nature dictates the rhythms of our work  and the land dictates the timing of work in the vineyard, the characteristics of the grapes which control the vinification and the young wine articulates the long silences as it rests in the cellar. Man keeps at a discreet distance during this process, helping nature express its very own soul. The aim is to produce great wines which will be able to tell the story of a place; a story lasting a season, made up of sunshine, wind and rain.