Francesco Condello, the founder and owner of Condé winery, in 2001 decided to leave the world of high finance after more than 30 years of activity. He decided to dedicate himself to his passion: wine-making. He's always been in love with this activity: in his childhood he used to spend a lot of time with his grandparents, who came from a long line of wine-makersm and he used to help them with hte production of wine in the family vineyards. At that time, the wine was produced only for home consumption. Francesco's strong bond with the soil and his passion for grape-growing were firmly rooted in him, even during the years in which he worked as a broker in Bologna. During that period he used to travel to the most important wine-producing areas in Europe.
In 2001 Francesco decided to leave his previous life and to follow his true vocation. He boud his life to the bountiful lands around Predappio. He was spurred on by the desire to recreate a great tradition from the past. He founded the Condé winery with the firm intention of launching once again the production of the authentic Sangiovese di Predappio, which has his physical and historical roots in these hills. It is from these very hills that the wine sets out on its journey: his destiny is to be appreciated and shared in every nation on the world.