The Condé wineries are located on the hills surrounding Predappio, which has long been considered the true home of Sangiovese. The history of this variety of wine has been closely interwoven into that of our lands over the past two thousand years. Caio Appio, an ancient Roman tribune, founded the city of Predappio in in the third century B.C., after retiring to the hills to cultivate Sanguis Iovis, or Sangiovese. These ancient origin explain the strong link between this noble grape and our hills.

The bind has become stronger and has developed throughout the centuries with men tirelessly working the lands, fully aware of their importance, as they laboured to produce great wines. It was for this very reason that as early as 1383, rules and regulations were included in the Statutes of the district to control “the grape harvest” and the “optimal maintaining of the vines”.

For hundreds of years the fragrance of grapes fermenting in vats has filled the nooks and crannies of our towns and hills in Autumn and many generations have handed down the art of caring for the vineyards and the production of wines from father to son. Unlike Tuscany, where the noble craft of wine production was in the hands of large estates, in Romagna it was mainly controlled by small farming families. And this factor, with the individual farmer caring for his land has given Sangiovese di Predappio a more difficult temperament than its Tuscan counterpart. It is a noble vine which has been shaped and developed for centuries thanks to the precise, hard toil of simple farmers and it is this contrast which today gives Sangiovese di Predappio its unmistakable uniqueness and pride.