Borgo Condé

Respectful farming

To be farmers is a responibility that everyday we translate in working in a respectful way the soil, the plant and the fruit: we know that we do not actually own the land but that we merely are the guardians for a certain period of time. All our approach is based on the idea that we want to give the future generation the better heritage possible.


We do not use any chemical herbicides and pesticides, only a very low amount of sulfur and copper in the vineyards. The soil is worked with organic manure and green manure, with a deep respect for the differences of the parcels: specific selections of seeds are used for the green manure so that they can help the vine roots to go deep in the soil and take the nutrition and microelements of that specific vineyard.


Our vineyards are in symbiosis with the natural environment around them. The Rabbi valley has a natural heritage of flowers, insects, wild animals, forests, lakes. The vineyard is not alone but in the middle of a system where microorgnisms, plants and animals coexist and where there are many different families of yeasts that are important for the indigenous yeast fermentation. The Calanchi that together with the forests are the setting for our vineyards are important oasis for wild plants and animals.


We strongly believe in a craft made job that only an artisan care can guarantee: from winter pruning to manual harvest, we dedicate great part of our time and efforts to the vineyards. In the cellar we work with the highest respect for the fruit integrity and the adhesion to terroir: all the grapes are selected on a sorting table, destemmed but not crushed and the tini are filled by gravity. The indigenous yeast fermentation and a temperature control that is set only after a first part of the fermentation allowed us to obtain wines that are a pure expression of the original parcels. At the end of the fermentation the wines are moved into the underground barrel room where time will do another important job. Oak ageing time varies depending from the wine and the vintage. We do use a very low amount of sulphur when botteling the wines.


In an age when everithing is pushed to be made quickly we have decided to make a step back, to slow down, to respect Sangiovese timing. Long ageing in the cellar allowed us to present our wines when the balance in the bottle has been reached thanks to the important job of the glass. To us the good glass is like the good oak. Our wines are sold only when we think they are ready and the elegance of the structure is a crucial element that we take into consideration to decide. Every year more than a thousand bottles are not sold but carefully stored to become our historical riserva. The old bottles are a memory of the vintage and the proof of the vocation of our land to make long-ageing teroir driven wines.