Borgo Condé


Predappio is a small village in the heart of the Emilia Romagna, nestled between the Appennini mountains and the Adriatic sea, at the borders of the Foreste Casentinesi and the Pianura Padana. Predappio valley is authentic, with a lot of vineyards and few houses, where ancient jobs are still preserved and the rhythms of life still follow the seasons. In the lower part of the valley the mountains pick became rolling hills, that are historically vocated for viticuluture. The climate is influenced by the mountains and the sea and it is characterized by a constant breeze and high temperature excursion between nigh and days, that is important for the grape maturation and the wine parfums. The calcareaous-clay soil is characterized by the presence of the Spungone, a pliocenic rock with marin origins, a memory from three millions years ago, when the Adriatic sea used to arrive on our hills and the current ridges were cliffs.

Viticulture as milestone from 1383

The unique microclimate and the poor soils always made Predappio vocated for viticolture. In the documents called »« aged 1383 there already were written laws about the wine production. Subsequent integrations were added in the XV century. The laws concerned the vineyards jobs, the harvest, the vinification, and the commercialisation of the wine. It was the council of the eldery to establish when the grapes were ripe and the harvest could start, and the vinification used to be made by gravity. For centuries the life of people living in Predappio has been linked to Sangiovese and today we are the keepers of these centuries-old traditions that we carry on with awareness and respect.

Indigenous: Sangiovese di Predappio

We are proud to grow the indigenous variety of Sangiovese piccolo, the Sangiovese di Predappio, also called Sangioveto dal Cannello Piccolo. The Sangiovese Piccolo is charactrized by having smaller bunches and smaller berries with a deep skin so that the wine results in having a vivid color and a pronounced fruit. Naturally high acidity and a very elegant tannic structure make our bottles suitable for very long ageing.