Al Caleri

Al Caleri

In the vineyard

We select the fresher parcels to produce this wine. The wide variability of exposure and the composition of our soil draw on all of our typical nuances, from fruity and flowery notes. The management of the vineyard is organic and craft.

In the cellar 

The grapes after the manual harvest are taken into the cellar, selected on a sorting table, and placed into stainless steel tanks for alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Pump-overs and délestage are the procedures followed during the vinification, aiming to extract the noble compounds of the berries. 5% of the grape performs the carbonic maceration to achieve a product with more freshness. The malolactic fermentation happens in stainless steel tanks.

The wine

This Sangiovese is an intense and brilliant red gastronomic wine, with a great drinkability. The freshness and the floral aromas are mainly present, and they make the wine versatile and extremely enjoyable.